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It has been another cracking term of daring and adventurous learning. The children have been encouraged out of their comfort zones and into the ‘learning pit’, where the greatest rewards often lie. The best things in life are often difficult to attain - you have to work hard for them - but when they arrive, you feel a unique sense of achievement! Our children know that good things will come if they work hard, play fair and always - ALWAYS - believe in themselves.

This half term has flown past with so many memorable events: from the fabulous Year 3-4 performance of the Scottish Play, the Kingswood activity trip, the Y1-2 trip to Hedingham Castle, the Robins’ library visit, World Book Day, watching Stour Valley Dance Show, to the most miraculous thing of all to happen this year so far: ten little inanimate eggs in a basket turning into real chicks before our very eyes. How on earth did that happen?

Our school is filled with awe and wonder at the world around us, and so it should be. If the children feel curious enough to want to run into school, they will be self-motivated to learn something. They need to feel safe, happy, curious and confident. I believe our school buzzes with these important ‘hidden’ qualities and I have been exceptionally proud to play a part in its history, albeit a brief one.

I will be sad to leave, but joyous to know, quite simply, that a school like Glemsford exists and that other schools have a template for how to build a community rooted in love and respect. If our children are loved and respected, they feel confident; if they feel confident, they work hard. If they work hard, they will achieve their immense potential and feel proud. 

Education is simple; the complicated part is keeping it simple. Children know how to learn instinctively, we just need to remove the barriers and let them flourish. They will show us how to do it, if we take time to watch, listen and talk to them as individuals.

Thank you to everyone for your good company. I am certain the school will continue to thrive in the future, with such a supportive and knowledgeable Governing body and two tremendous leaders in Chris Beazeley and then Ben Jeffery.  I feel very proud of the three core values we have established here: trust, ambition and collective responsibility. I think we have delivered on these and they will guarantee the school’s prosperity!

Best wishes for a lovely Easter holiday with your families.


Andrew Hammond


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