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It doesn’t seem like I’ve been here for a (half) term already, yet I already feel part of the Glemsford family! This is the fourth school I’ve been Head of in the last twelve months – and I’ve had a few more before that – but this is probably the ‘best’, in a number of respects. You have a real supportive, community school here where it really does feel like a family. The staff work very hard to do their best for the children and engage positively with parents and we are grateful that you, in turn, work with the school in the best interests of all of the children too.

Talking of children, whilst I would say that, contrary to some things you’ll read, children in every school are great (in the main), those at Glemsford are particularly lovely! Loving, caring and supportive of each other, they are a credit to you and a great reflection of the ethos that Mr Hammond and the team have built up in recent years. The pupils are wonderful advocates for the school, citing that everyone here treats each other with respect; there is no-one who tries to laud it over others, believing themselves to be superior. Rather, all are helping each other to be the best they can be.

There is a firmly embedded learning culture and the positive attitude that all can achieve and get better - after all, that is what we are all about. The school isn’t perfect and is making continual strides to do even better, mirroring the ethos and high expectation that we have for each individual child, but it is a good sign that the staff recognise that we need to continually improve what we provide for our children and families. My sense is that becoming part of the Samuel Ward Trust and working collaboratively with a wider group of schools has already had an impact on this school’s progress, and will only continue to do so in the future.

Well done to classes and staff of Years 6 and 2 who have undergone their SATs tests in recent weeks; I know that they’ve all worked very hard and done their best. Maintaining that attitude in their future school and wider life will bring its rewards. Thankyou too for the efforts and hard work of all of the staff and pupils, some of which is reflected in their contributions to follow.

I am here for four more weeks in June, after half term, and your new Headteacher, Mr Jeffery, will be familiarising himself with the school and having a ‘handover’ from me on the Friday of each week, before starting full-time on July 3rd. I look forward to seeing you all in my final month and hope many of you can make the Trail ‘Race’ on the first Friday back, June 9th.

Let’s hope that the weather is still beautiful at that time and that it remains kind for what, hopefully, will be a restful, family time next week.


Best wishes

Chris Beazeley
Interim Headteacher



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