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Mr Andrew Hammond

It has been a busy and buzzing few weeks. Who can believe we are in February already? Time flies when you’re having fun, as the saying goes.

There is another saying we often hear, ‘life is short’, but I don’t agree. God willing, life is long, but childhood is short and we must not hurry our children through it. One of the things I like most about Glemsford is the fact that we all place great importance on happiness in childhood here. We work hard to make space for the children to grow at the right pace, learning things at the right time, and enjoying the ride. I always think the very best adulthood is built on a childhood free from the pressures of growing up and taking responsibility too soon. If you spend your childhood preparing for adulthood, in time you will be sorely disappointed to have missed it. Premature adultification is rife today, but here at Glemsford we try to enjoy every moment and celebrate how our children grow, develop and flourish as individual people.

One of the best ways of enjoying childhood is by embracing as many opportunities as you can to ‘find your thing’. This is why we offer so many after-school and lunch-time clubs, so that children can try as many different hobbies as possible and find at least one that inspires them. Skills and interests developed at school can often ignite a life-long passion - and this is our job as teachers, to inspire a life-long love of learning in our pupils!

So I was especially pleased to see the exciting Clubs Exhibition which Mrs Martin and the staff organised recently. It was wonderful to see so many photographs and captions of the different activities we offer here - some of which are displayed on the last page of this action-packed newsletter!

I hope the children enjoy a well-earned rest this week. Can I say a BIG thank you on their behalf to all the staff and volunteers who have worked so very hard since January to make Glemsford such a special place in which to enjoy a childhood.


Best wishes all,

Andrew Hammond



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