School Improvement Plan


Glemsford Primary Academy is a special place. It is a warm school at the heart of the village community full of wonderful people. Over the past few years, it has made significant improvements and we look forward to showing the wider community what a good school we are. In the next few pages, you will see my aim for the school over the coming 12 months. My main priority is to ensure that all of our children are being taught good and outstanding lessons all of the time.

We are an ambitious school. Not only do we want to improve this year, but also we want to look further into the future, sharing our vision.

My vision for the school over the next three years are as followed:

  • For Glemsford Primary Academy to become outstanding and for OFSTED to confirm this judgement.
  • For Glemsford Primary Academy to consistently perform above national average scores in GLD % in reception, year 1 phonics scores and year 2 and year 6 SATS.
  • For Glemsford Primary Academy to be a key figure within the Unity Schools Partnership Trust and Suffolk, with leaders and teachers visiting us to see exemplar practice.
  • For Glemsford Primary Academy to be an outwards facing school delivering CPD to other schools - locally and nationally- and carrying evidence research projects for the benefit of Glemsford and others.
  • For Glemsford Primary Academy to continue to deliver a rich and varied curriculum that enables all children to be curious and motivated learners.
  • For children who leave Glemsford Primary Academy to fulfil their dreams and aspirations, whether that be going to the top universities, getting the best jobs or whatever it is that gives them fulfilment.
  • For Glemsford Primary Academy to be the “first choice” for all parents from the village and its surrounding communities.
  • For everyone one who works at Glemsford Primary Academy to continue to love being here, reaching their full potential and as they do now doing this with a smile on their face.



Every year we think carefully about our strength sand areas for development and I work with senior staff and governors to write a school improvement plan. This year the key priorities on the school improvement plan include:


Teaching and learning to be at least good and often outstanding.

To develop the effectiveness of all leaders so they have a wider impact across the school.

Develop, implement and evaluate the broader curriculum including developing writing opportunities outside of literacy lessons.

Use of IT across the school.

To improve outcomes for Pupil premium children across the school.

To improve outcomes for children with SEN across the school.

To improve the staff and children`s well-being and mental health.

Continue to develop children`s reasoning skills.

To improve the quality and quantity of writing across the school including improving quality of handwriting and presentation.

Maintain and develop standards of reading.

To develop a clear and systematic approach to teaching and learning in EYFS.



See the attached SDP and SEF 


Further information on school performance can be found at:


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