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Actions from Parent Surveys

Thank you very much for completing our parent survey. I was blown over by the amount of positive feedback that we received. There are always things that a school can do to improve and the feedback about this is equally, if not more important. I have collated all the comments on how parents feel the school could be improved. Often the comment only appeared once but it is still valid so I have tried to respond to everything


You said

What I plan to do.

More equipment/resources for different lessons.


This is an issue to do with funding and I imagine every school has a similar problem. What I can say is that after a tricky couple of years the school`s financial position is looking a lot healthier and next year we may be able to spend a little more on resources.


  •         Too much homework 
  •         Tailored homework as current load can be difficult to achieve
  •         Not enough homework


I have already met with the teachers about homework and will monitor the amount that is given out. I have asked teachers to ensure that homework is pitched at the appropriate level for each child. If there are any problems with homework please do not hesitate to speak to the teacher.

Notices for dates and events given out sooner



I totally agree. I have told teachers they must give enough notice.

I find some aspects of the school uniform somewhat strict especially the tucking in of shirts. I don’t see what difference it makes to learning. They are children not mini adults – very, very small gripe to an otherwise fantastic school


I agree that children are not mini adults. Our uniform will continue to be jumpers and a shirt or polo shirt. Some primary schools are going down a shirt and tie route and / or a blazer but we won`t. I will continue to ask children to tuck their shirts in during lesson times and in assembly. I believe they should do this and similarly I believe children should take care with the presentation of their work.

To have less cakes/sugary puddings


I have met with Gill (our fantastic cook). The menu has already changed with some reduced sugar puddings and there is an option of fruit. Ingredients can be found on the ‘Eats’ website.

Better bullying awareness


Whenever we believe there is bullying in the school we act swiftly following our behaviour policy. We also talk about bullying in assemblies and lesson time. We encourage all children to speak to adults if there is a problem. Sometimes children are reluctant to do this so we have systems of communication in place to help. Please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff if you feel your child is being bullied.

Strongly disagree with the fines raised for taking kids out of school especially when their attendance is so high


We have a clear attendance policy and we follow guidelines from Samuel Ward Academy Trust and from the Local Authority. I am always happy to discuss individual cases and explain the rationale behind my decisions.

Lollipop person


I will look into this.

Bigger entrance in and out of the school


I would love this as well but at the moment it comes down to money.

Longer after school clubs for working parents


I will look into this.

Reports to be a little vague

When it comes to report time I will be reading through each report to make sure this is not the case.

More communication with how at home, parents can support with learning and how well my child is progressing.


This is something we have discussed at a staff meeting. I am working with Mr Scott to look at how we can send home updates to parents from Target Tracker.

Less playground gossip from parents.

I am fairly powerless to do anything about this. I can only encourage any parent that has a problem to speak to a member of staff about it. I have heard a few times this year that other parents have some strong opinions about various issues but unless they tell me I can’t second guess.

Attention all parents!

Communicating with you is an important part of what we do, making sure you get the correct information about activities, newsletters, calendars, events and school news that really matters is something we care about.

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