Glemsford Primary Academy

Welcome Back

1 September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,                                

I hope you are all well and have had an excellent summer break. We are all very excited about welcoming all children back to school next week. Please remember the first day of term is Friday 4th September. All the staff at Glemsford will be doing their upmost to ensure your children have a fantastic autumn term with high quality learning experiences in a safe and enjoyable environment.

As I explained to you all last year, we will have a staggered start and end to the day because we will be continuing with the bubble concept with each bubble not mixing with any other. This means that as well as staggered start and end times each class will have different lunch and break times. Children will continue to use their classrooms for lunch.

Children will not be following social distancing rules once in their classrooms, but we will be keeping to a two-meter rule when lining up and children will be expected to not touch each other throughout the day. Please support us with this.

Children will need to be in school uniform and come in their PE kit on the days they have PE. They do not need to bring in pencil cases. They do however need to bring in a coat, water bottle and a packed lunch (if needed) in a small bag.

Year group for SeptemberLead member of staff Start time Break Time (15mins)Lunch Time (Zones as of break) Home Time Door for pick up and drop off
FMMrs Arch8.50 amIn own outdoor area 11.50 – 12.203.20pmShepherds Lane
DMMiss Reeve8.50amIn own outdoor area 11.50 – 12.203.20pmShepherds Lane
 RMrs Dobedoe 8.50 am In own outdoor area 11.30am (11.30 Play at front 12 noon lunch) 3.10pm New side gate opposite to field on Shepherds Lane
1Miss Stephens9am 10.00am Zone 111.30am (11.30 play,12 noon lunch)  3.20pm Blue fire door next to the hall 
 2Mrs Myers 9.10am 10.35  Zone 1 12.30  (12.30 lunch, 1.00 Play ) 3.30pm Blue fire door next to the hall 
3Mr Powell 9.00am 10.15 Zone 1 12.00 noon  (12.00 noon lunch,12.30 Play) 3.20pm Year 3 / 4 door
 4Mrs New 8.50am 10.15   Zone 212 noon (12 noon play,12.30 Lunch) 3.10pm Year 3 / 4 door
5Miss McCusker 9.10am 10.35 Zone 2  12.30 (12.30 lunch,1.00 play) 3.30pm Year 6 door
6Miss Kiddy8.40am10.00 Zone 211.30am (11.30 Play,12 noon lunch)  3.00pmYear 6 door

I appreciate that you may have children with different start and end times. The field on Shepherds Lane will be open if you need to wait. Please make sure there is only one adult accompanying your child and you maintain social distancing at all times. If your child is in year four, five or six please contact the office if you want your child to walk home by themselves and you haven`t already let the school know. Please make sure you arrive no earlier than five minutes before the start time and no later. At the end of the day, children in all years apart from year five and six will be dismissed in alphabetical order (surname of the child). Please can you try and line up in this order to help make it a smooth end to the day.

You must not send your child into school if they are displaying any COVID 19 symptoms. If this is the case, you should get your child tested ASAP and let the school know the results. If your child is displaying symptoms at school we will contact you to arrange for your child to be picked up immediately. If there is a positive case, then the bubble could be closed.

We are offering wrap around care but please only use breakfast and after school club if you really need it. We will use the hall for this and keep children in year groups otherwise it defeats the point of keeping in bubbles. Nursery will also have a breakfast and after school club. Both clubs will be charged and will need to be booked through the office a week in advance. Breakfast club will start at 7.50am.

Please make sure we can contact you throughout the school day and that the school has the correct contact information. Please check dojo regularly as this will be the main platform we use to contact you. Due to the current situation, we are still asking parents not to come into school unless it is absolutely necessary. If you think you need to come into school, please let the office know in advance and wear a facemask if the meeting cannot be held outside.

I firmly believe it is right that all children come back to school in September and that we make school as normal as possible. There will no doubt be challenges ahead but I know that the Glemsford community will continue to work together with positivity, patience and good humour to make this a great year for everyone.

Warmest regards,