Glemsford Primary Academy

Art Project in Memory of Roy Saunders

Published: 3 August, 2021

The children of Glemsford Primary Academy have embarked on a school wide art project, where they have been able to express their emotions about the pandemic through their artwork resulting in beautiful colourful rainbows.

Each child has a piece of artwork displayed on one of the umbrellas which make up the display. 

This project has been made possible by the generous donation left to Glemsford Primary Academy by local artist Roy Saunders and his family upon his unfortunate death. He wanted to contribute to art in schools and in honour we have made a bold statement which can be shared for all to see. These displays are at the back of the school field within the tree lines.

Trudy Harman
Art Project Leader

More information about Roy Saunders and the money raised.

Crowdfunding to the memory of Roy Saunders, for our local school to enjoy and learn art. This was something very close to Roy’s heart! on JustGiving