Glemsford Primary Academy

About Us

Serving our community

Glemsford Primary Academy is part of the Unity Schools Partnership Multi-Academy Trust. Being part of a bigger family offers us so many things: shared expertise, support and training, combined events and access to all kinds of opportunities for our children to link up with others.

Our school is housed in a uniquely characterful, Victorian building of Grade 2 listing. When the original clock up in the clock tower reaches ten to nine each morning, a Year 6 pupil takes their turn to pull the long cord and sound the old bell, for the beginning of school. Traditions like these are important to us.

We are fortunate to have two large fields and a range of facilities for gardening, outdoor adventures, climbing and playing together. Physical activity is valued as much as academic thought at Glemsford and we like to provide as many opportunities as we can for them to be outside.

We are situated at the centre of Glemsford, and we are proud to be a hub of the village, with strong links to many voluntary organisations and societies.

We have amazing, polite and inquisitive children, they are such confident and friendly pupils. We have positive staff who inspire and enthuse the children, and parents and governors who support us.

We are now recognised as a good school and our results over the past four years have been among some of the best in the county.

All of this means that children leave our school as confident, happy and smart young people ready and well equipped to face the challenges in the next step of their lives.

Fostering attitudes

At Glemsford we pride ourselves on the excellent behaviour and attitudes of our children. Our golden rule of treating others as we wish to be treated ourselves is underpinned by the Glemsford Scales. This is a programme which balances rights with responsibilities – encouraging all of our children to recognise that being a good citizen means balancing one’s own wants and needs with the wants and needs of others.

At Glemsford Primary Academy…

You have the right to:

You have a responsibility to:

Be yourself

Tolerate differences in others

Express yourself freely

Respect others’ beliefs and feelings

Be treated with kindness

Be kind to others

Learn as much as you can

Allow others to learn

Say when you need help

Help and support others in need

Be positive and confident

Provide encouragement to others

Working together

Our three core values are:

  1. Trust – we believe in earning the trust of parents and pupils, through mutual respect and open communication at all times so that we can work together in partnership.
  2. Ambition – we work hard to raise aspirations across the whole community and to help children to recognise their great potential.
  3. Collective Responsibility – we believe in working, playing and learning together to make a better future for everyone.

As an academy within the Unity Schools Partnership , we are proud to be part of a greater family that believes academic success is inextricably linked to confidence and responsibility. We celebrate the Trust’s aims to develop:

  • Successful Learners
  • Confident Individuals
  • Responsible Citizens

Confidence and responsibility are recurring themes for us at Glemsford and we work hard to incorporate these qualities in everything we do, so that our children can find success in education and in their lives ahead.   

Raising Aspirations

We provide our children with as many opportunities as possible to try new things and to find out where their interests and strengths lie. We have an excellent offer of after-school clubs and believe that every child should have the chance to find what it is that they excel at.

We encourage every year group to experience at least one school trip per term.

Broadening Minds

At Glemsford, we want our pupils to experience the widest possible range of learning opportunities through a knowledge-based curriculum. We want them to develop the skills of scientists, historians, geographers, artists and musicians whilst developing a love of knowledge. We want them to be independent thinkers who can create, describe, reason, debate, inform, and explain their ideas. We want a curriculum that prepares children for life. 

Children at Glemsford engage with, and take notice of, the environments in which they work. We endeavour to give all our children outdoor learning experiences. This might be building a shelter on our school playing field or taking a trip to London. We want to work with parents and other adults within our local community to help bring the curriculum to life and offer a variety of experiences.

English, maths, computing, RE, music, PSHE and PE are taught every week. For other subjects the academic year is split into studies of learning. Approximately three hours a week are dedicated to one area of the broader curriculum. For example, in the spring term all children in years 1 – 6 work as artists, learning different styles of painting and studying different artists. This leads to high quality teaching and learning and gives teachers, parents and children a chance to really embrace an area of the curriculum.