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Broader Curriculum Home Learning


 Here you will find lots of different activities to keep you busy and active during the afternoon sessions.


Home learning arrangements

Dear parents and carers,

We are committed to providing the best possible education at all times, this includes when the school is shut. We will work to the following timetable across the school including all year groups 1-6 (EYFS see the end of the letter):


8.45 School welcome from a member of the leadership

8.50: Video on Class Story from class teacher outlining the day

9.00: Joe Wicks PE (youtube)

9.30-10.30: Maths

11.30-12.30: English

Afternoon: Broader curriculum activities

During these times, the teacher will be available to answer questions via class discussion on Showbie (see separate guide to Showbie) or Class Dojo.


We have decided on the following provision:

All work to be completed in books or on Showbie if you are accessing it through a tablet. If not, photos of work can then either be added to Showbie or sent to the teacher via Class Dojo. If you have access to a printer, the tasks can be printed out, completed and then photographed and sent back to the teacher.  The teacher will provide feedback during the 9-10/11-12 slots and through the course of the day if outside these times. If you are facing technology issues and accessing the learning, please contact Mr Scott.


A guide to Showbie will follow this letter.


General home learning information: years 1-6

By 9am every morning the teacher will post a video to class story. In this video they will outline the learning for the day.

All maths and English learning will be in the children’s Showbie accounts. It can be found in the maths or English folder in said account.  If your child does not have a log in, please contact their teacher immediately. This work will update daily, and the morning video will explain what the tasks are and how best to complete them.


Maths years 1-6

The maths in Showbie will consist of resources from White Rose Hub (a maths scheme we use to teach the national curriculum) with, if appropriate corresponding questions to develop the child’s fluency. There will also be resources from PiXL (a raising standards provider) that will support the topics in White Rose.


English years 3-6

The children will be given a class text to take home. Using the class text, the teacher will set reading to complete, reading comprehension and writing activities. This work will also be supplemented with resources from PiXL. The work will be updated daily.


English years 1-2

The children will be provided with a variety of activities that will include: phonics work, reading, reading comprehension and writing activities. These activities will change daily.


SEND children

If your child has a support plan, they will have additional support in Showbie from the class teaching assistant. They will help adapt tasks and provide scaffolding so they can complete the learning. We will try and have the class teaching assistant available during the teaching times and can be contacted through the class discussion.  


Additional support with English and Maths

Times tables rockstars will still be set as homework for years 3-6

Number facts will still be set as homework for years 1-2

Spellings will still be set for years 1-6

Numbots will be available for R-1

Accelerated reader quizzes can be accessed from home

IXL will be available for years 5-6

Oxford owls (reading resources) are available to all

Purple Mash for maths, English and the wider curriculum

PiXL unlock apps. There can be downloaded from the Apple app store and Google play. They support vocabulary and timestables.

Children should have logins to all of these (except Oxford Owl). If not, please contact your child’s class teacher.


The Broader Curriculum

In the afternoons we will expect the children to try some of the broader curriculum activities. The school website / parent mail will send a year group overview of activities and projects for Science, Geography, History, R.E., PSHE, P.E., Music, Art and DT.


Nursery and Reception



Remote learning will be encouraging the parents and children to explore Minimash as much as they can alongside looking at and reading books together. It would be good if the children could do lots of mark making using different material that they have to hand such as pens, pencils, paint, flour and rice.  

Each child will have their own Charanga login to explore songs with visual guide to follow with dancing, singing and pretend musical instruments. Each day either Jo, Jennie, Trudy or Amy will share a short story via Dojo video and offer activities which can be done without internet access.

Each morning, Jo will share a good morning Dojo video. This will have a song, along with a number, shape and colour they can find and share via Dojo or Early Excellence. During that time, staff will also look at what day it and wait for them to answer (hopefully). 



Each morning there will be a video posted on ClassDojo which will be the daily carpet time 'catch up'. There will also be a phonics and number session on ClassDojo which will include activity ideas to complete at home to support the learning. These will include online and offline activities. Please share your child's learning with us on ClassDojo or Early Excellence - we will give Dojo points for activities completed. If you require support with these activities, or have any queries, Dormice staff will be available to message between 9am and 10am and 11am and 12pm. You can complete the activities at any time and are also free to message outside of these hours, but should be aware you may not get an immediate response. 

Dormice staff will also share other activity ideas and encourage you to continue to share books, sing songs and explore Purple Mash. Staff will be sending each child a login to Charanga Yumu, where you will be able to access songs with dance moves and rhythms which have recently been started to use in class. Some of these have an instrument section - if you have instruments you can use these, if not, use your 'air' instruments. 



The daily activities will include, maths, phonics, writing and story-telling.  Mrs Dobedoe has sent home a pack of activities that you can dip into whenever you wish.

You will need to access the Class Story each morning around 9am.  There will be an outline of possible activities for you to complete with your child and a short video explaining some of the maths tasks.  Mrs Dobedoe will also be uploading other videos throughout the day.  One of the videos will be Miss Ford reading a story and another recapping on the phonics.  Some of the tasks will use Purple Mash, Letter-join and Numbots.  I will also include links to activities you could try and videos to support their learning.

Mrs Dobedoe also recommends a daily fitness video.  Joe Wicks is producing a daily video on his You-tube channel.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6r99N3kXME

Mrs Dobedoe and Miss Ford will be available on Class Dojo each morning to answer any questions you may have.


Any learning can be shared on Class Dojo and Early Excellence.


Please understand that this is uncharted territory for all of us and there will be teething problems. The process will be under constant review and we will notify you of any changes. We appreciate your patience. Thank you in advance for your support and understanding during this challenging time. As always, please ask if you are unsure of anything outlined above.


Yours sincerely,

Mr Scott.

Deputy Headteacher


'Education is the most powerful weapon which

you can use to change the world.'